Thousands of Alberta families choose charter schools each year. Join our community of public charter school students, families, and friends.
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Public charter schools support quality education and success for all Alberta students.

Public charter schools are:

Our schools offer unique and enhanced programming that isn’t already available. Students who need a different pace of learning, a personalized method of instruction, a specialized program that builds on their individual  strengths, or extra support all find their success in charter schools.

Each student and each family has their own individual story, but we also all have something in common. Our charter programs help meet unmet needs. We believe there should be room in education for a greater focus on individual students and their needs. And we know these options should continue to be part of the core public education system in Alberta.

We are all different, but we’re also so alike.

Our goal is to create a community of charter school families, providing resources and support, and creating a unified voice of advocating for access and equal access to resources in the public system of schools.

In advance of the upcoming provincial election, we have created a toolkit - just for you.

The toolkit is designed to:

Join our community of charter school families to stay in the know about public charter schools in Alberta.

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Let's work together to support choice in education.